“Success with us is as much about behaviour change, trust & working together as it about land, animals and grass. 25 years success with our clients focusing only on pastures makes us pretty bloody good at what we do ....... trust me. ”

Tom Chisholm, owner.


Success with US is as much about ‘behaviour change’ as it about farming.

Change is not simple, change takes to me and most of all, change requires an acceptance and trust that what we are doing is FOR YOU. Change doesn’t suggest you are wrong …. change is simply a different way of doing things.

For us to be successful together, there are 5 conditions we must have:

  • Trust – when your gut says that this isn’t right …. challenge us but trust us. Work with us and your
    results will speak for themselves.
  • Define a clear and simple goal …… together
  • Have personal motivation for change – we can talk about on-farm success till the cow’s home, but it is your willingness and desire for change that will ultimately define your success.
  • Gather enough and accurate knowledge to develop a plan specific to your land – that’s what we are good at.
  • Have a reliable and supportive environment – we will stand by you through this process.


Kumenga Farm Ltd


AgDesign have been consulting and working closely with our business for over 8 years.

We are a 540Ha flat farm.  With Tom’s assistance, we have taken our business from 9,500 lambs to between 26,000 – 32,000 lambs annually.  Cattle, now turning over 600-800 annually as well.

We have found Tom and his team honest, focused and dependable. Their advice doesn’t just come from a university based mind, but more importantly, from an operator that has performed in the top 5% in NZ.  Tom’s attention to detail to animal management, farm system design and grazing management has always been conveyed with ease, to myself and employees alike.  This has helped the understanding on farm to no end, and consequently doubled our farm production.

I give no hesitation in Tom and his team’s ability to offer you the best design and advice on your grazing management systems.

Kind regards,  Mike McCreary



In conversation we learn about you, your land and your long-term visions. We’ll learn about how you farm and your drivers for change. Then, together, we’ll map out a plan for change for your farm to be the most efficient, profitable grass-based system it can be.

Understanding land, animals and people is second nature to us. Give us a call .... its free to have a conversation.

Call Tom on 027 224 9515 or email him on tom@agdesigngps.com.

Call Sandy on 027 222 3254 or email him on sandy@agdesigngps.com or contact.