We love making little things big. AgDesign Ltd NZ is unapologetically belligerent about what we do and how we do it. We know land, understanding land & animal is bone deep with us.

Tom Chisholm, owner.

AgDesign Ltd NZ


AgDesign Ltd NZ love making little things big, we love being connected to our land.

1. We are caretakers of our land.

We simply maximise the gift that is bestowed upon us and ensure that it is passed on in a better quality and productive than when we got it.

2. We are educators

The process of change is slow but rewarding, we stand by and with you through that transition of learning.

3. We strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.

Nothing is perfect, we are open about our successes and about failures, we are constantly learning & constantly improving.

4. We love precision.

Everything we do is about precision and the fine line to produce excellence. The way we see it is that ‘anyone can do a shit job’ … we are the best.

5. We are positive about the future.

Our work builds resilience in land, business and people and is about creating longevity.


In its simplest form we turn kg of pasture into kgs meat, milk or fibre.

Your farm is unique. Its landscape, its soil, its weather, its stocking class, its people …. everything about it, is unique. Therefore, it only makes sense for your farm to operate a system that is unique.

Using the current natural existing system on your farm gifted to you by mother nature, we optimise it, to turn big pasture, into big product. We deliver a range of products from a simple farm map to a turn-key integrated farm system and stand beside you through the process.

AgDesign Ltd NZ is not farm advisors, consultants nor are we salesman – we design, install, educate and implement unique farm systems with you and your team.

Big thinking. Big Results.

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