AgDesign will teach and guide you in every aspect to ensure you maximise your farm system, be as labour efficient as possible and extend you and your team in the knowledge of AgDesign grazing systems.

Farm System Education


A new system requires new learning. AgSupport delivers a learning pathway that teaches the theory of the systems as well as the on-farm practical skills required to operate the system.

The education programme starts with the basics for all operators/staff and will be tailored to the requirements of the individuals, an in depth understanding of pasture management being the desired outcome.

Our learning pathway works for:

  • teams to learn the system together minimising the risk of issues in day to day operations and
  • individuals who wish to progress their knowledge of AgDesign grazing systems.

Farm System Guide

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We believe by standing beside our clients with our systems, we can develop a great working relationship and in doing so take you farming enterprise to the next level.

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with us.

In conversation we learn about you, your land and your long-term visions. We’ll learn about how you farm and your drivers for change. Then, together, we’ll map out a plan for change, for guide to be the most efficient, profitable grass-based systems it can be.