Horticultural Planning and Design

AgDesign has worked with horticultural planning and irrigation experts to develop layouts for various fruit crops in orchards & green house installations. Our services in this area include the following:

  • 3D Survey site for full contour information for boundary and features and details required for water plans
  • Volume calculations for any earth works
  • Layout design for shelter, structures and planting
  • Marking out of water systems, shelter and planting
  • Mapping for management and safety requirements

Horticultural Planning and Design NZ Example of Avocado Orchard planting map

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In conversation we learn about you, horticultural planning and design, farm development, farm improvement, your land and your long-term visions. We’ll learn about how you farm and your drivers for change. Then, together, we’ll map out a plan for change for your farm to be the most efficient, profitable grass-based system it can be.