We believe by standing beside our clients with our farm system design, we can develop a great working relationship and in doing so take you farming enterprise to the next level.

Farm System Design


In Stage 2 we look further in to how your system might work and in this we consider the following aspects:

  • Labour efficiency – balancing the total labour resource required to operate the systems and to meet your lifestyle
  • Pasture management – look into the history of your pasture and its management and which areas of the farm will be the most productive and suitable for AgDesign systems
  • Animal management – we look into stock classes, stocking rates, animal movement, animal behaviour and how to maximise the system capability on the land presented
  • Fence layout and specification – this is where we define what AgDesign systems we will implement and what component is required to complete set up the system
  • Water system layout and specification – we will redesign the water to suit the systems designed above
  • Design plans and installation of hardware and systems is a function of AgDesign – we will be on farm to GPS mark out the systems ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Typically we do this with the farm manager and team.

Farm System Design

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Farm System Design

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