AgDesign are caretakers of the land. We play the long game. Our work builds resilience in the land that is gifted to us, ensuring sustainability and creating longevity.


Our farms systems are designed with the conservation and rehabilitation of your land in mind. Working with you on your land, with your soils, your stock, we will be giving you every opportunity to:

  • increase natural topsoil regeneration
  • increase biodiversity in your soil
  • optimisation of resource management
  • improve the nutrient cycle in your land (quality and availability)
  • protecting water ways & water ecosystems
  • create resilience to climate change
  • increasing soil carbon

In time, as your soil health improves, your input requirements may decrease, grass growth and crop yields will increase and we'll be building resilience against the variability of climate change.  Ultimately, we design systems that are environmentally, financially and personally sustainable offering the complete balance for you and your land.

Below are stories about some of our farming friends that have been fortunate enough to work with in NZ and Australia. These articles talk about the positive impact our systems have had on their land.