AgDesign with over 30 years of pasture management experience allows us to develop a plan with you to optimise your pasture growth & quality. Every farm is different and different types of pasture will require different management for longevity and performance.

Pasture Management


If you are producing milk, meat or fibre from pasture then you want to achieve the following from your pastures:

  • Quantity: You want to grow as much pasture as possible.
  • Quality: You want a high-quality feed for your animals.
  • Longevity: You want pastures that will persist and don’t need costly replacement.

It is important that you utilise the feed you are growing. We will work with you to identify the opportunities you have to get more out of your pastures. You can get more production with less inputs.

Your farm is unique. Its landscape, its soil, its weather, its stocking class, its people …. everything about it, is unique. Therefore, it only makes sense for your farm to operate a system that is unique.

Pasture Management

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch with AgDesign today.

In conversation we learn about you, your farm, farm development, farm improvement, your land and your long-term visions. We’ll learn about how you farm and your drivers for change. Then, together, we’ll map out a plan for change for your farm to be the most efficient, profitable grass-based system it can be.

AgDesign Pasture Management