“We have our feet firmly on the ground with what we’re about - understanding land & animal is bone deep with us. In its simplest form, we turn kg’s of pasture into kg’s meat, milk or fibre, and we’re bloody good at it.”

Tom Chisholm, owner.

We are unapologetically belligerent in setting out to be the best we can be, and to live by our values.

We are caretakers of our land.

We simply maximise the gift that is bestowed upon us and ensure that it is passed on in a better quality and productive than when we got it.

We are educators – not salesmen.

The process of change is slow but rewarding, we stand by and with you through that transition of learning.

We strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.

Nothing is perfect, we are open about our successes and about failures, we are constantly learning & constantly improving.

We love precision.

Everything we do is about precision and the fine line to produce excellence. The way we see it is that ‘anyone can do a shit job’ … we are the best.

We are positive about the future.

Our work builds resilience in land, business and people and is about creating longevity.