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  • Do you want to go into this winter knowing you have enough pasture to get through to spring without supplements?
  • Would you like to able to increase production so you can have more time away from the farm?
  • Are  your profits being eaten up with constantly regressing as your pastures deteriorate?
  • Would you like to more effectively utilise your spring pasture surplus without costly feed conservation?
  • Would you grow more pasture if your grazing was timed to pasture growth?
  • Is your irrigation not paying its way because you can’t get the animal performance from irrigated pastures you should?

Welcome to Agdesign, New Zealand and Australia’s leading provider of proven pasture management and grazing system design services.  Agdesign will provide you with a complete pasture management service from system concept to implementation.  Our focus is on helping you get the most from your pastures. We work with top 10% farmers to further improve their conversion of pasture into milk, meat and fibre.

Agdesign recognises that individual owners and managers have different objectives and requirements from their grazing system. We will custom design a solution that is right for you and your property. Since 1992 we have been running and designing efficient, high production systems that are environmentally and financially sustainable.

If you want more pasture more production and more profit talk to Agdesign today.