AgSupport is all about standing by you, our farming friends, providing clear and concise production advice that considers the practicalities and complexities of your whole farm businesses. We will provide support that acts to promote the success of your businesses from an environmental, social and economic standpoint.



Stage 1 is all about gathering necessary understanding of the farm business to assess how we can work with you. We formulate realistic, achievable business targets and develop short- and long-term strategical goals to guide the future development of the farm enterprise.


There is no substitute for experience in phase 1. AgSupport is heavily involved in the conceptualisation and in doing so we gather necessary understanding of the farm business. We formulate realistic, achievable business targets and develop short- and long-term strategical goals to guide the future development of the farm enterprise, we consider:

  • Labour efficiency
  • Pasture management
  • Animal management
  • Fence layout and specification
  • Water system layout and specification

Design plans and installation of hardware and systems is a function of AgDesign

3. Farm System Education

A new system requires new learning. AgSupport delivers a learning pathway that teaches the theory of the systems as well as the on-farm practical skills required to operate the system. The education programme starts with the basics for all operators/staff and will be tailored to the requirements of the individuals, an in depth understanding of pasture management being the desired outcome.

Our learning pathway works is for:

  • teams to learn the system together minimising the risk of issues in day to day operations and
  • individuals who wish to progress their knowledge of grazing systems.
4. Farm system management

The one thing we love is watching things grow, seeing systems succeed and being a part of a thriving farm business – our commitment to you and your farm business is second to none. We’re certainly not afraid to roll up the sleeves and muck in when required. AgSupport covers:

  • Scenario planning – around feed supply and demand, stock class’s and system design – understanding of key strategical times in the production year
  • Financial budgeting – cashflows, P&L on systems and gross margin analysis, supporting your accountant and financial advisors.
  • Continuation of Farm Systems education with your team
  • Continuous improvement – drawing up standard operating procedures SOP for day to day operation while constantly looking for opportunities for improvement

To assist in the delivery and continuing management of WFM, AgDesign invites you into a friendly Project Management software app/programme that connects you to every move in the project. The platform allows for conversations, messages, share files and a timeline/calendar for work to be carried out.


Sandy Campbell heads our AgSupport product with support from Tom Chisholm. We see Sandy as the perfect fit for the job with great nous for how our systems work, a real ''roll the sleeves up' and 'get involved' attitude and is extremely passionate about the future potential and need for highly productive forms of sustainable red meat production. 

"I've always had a keen interest in pasture based meat production systems, I have trained and studied specifically in the art of techno & cell management after discovering it in 2015."

We believe by standing beside our clients with our systems, we can develop a great working relationship and in doing so take you farming enterprise to the next level.

It all starts with a conversation.

Call Sandy on 027 222 3254 or email him on or contact.

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