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Kiwitech’s core business is grazing management; its flagship product is a complete, unique, integrated, rotational grazing concept called TechnoGrazing.  The hallmark of “TechnoGrazing” is that it enables extremely small subdivisions with very efficient logistics and a low labour input. TechnoGrazing was invented and developed by a farmer, Harry Wier, over a period of 30+ years on Burleigh Farm, which is near the town Bulls in New Zealand. TechnoGrazing evolved under intensive grazing with bull beef, which necessitates small stable social groups to reduce fighting and victimisation. It soon became clear that the use of small groups and very small subdivisions generated excellent productivity which could be captured by most stocking policies, not just bull beef. Excellent results from TechnoGrazing have been obtained with other beef policies as well as sheep and dairy farming.

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